• Begin Reading with your Pre-schooler
  • Nice as a Kindergarten Intro to Reading
  • Great as a 1st Grade Learning Tool
  • Perfect as a 2nd Grade Review
  • Milt The Talking Musky Sings along with You!

Hello there I'm Milt the Talking Musky I help children, Pre-school through 2nd Grade, learn their Sight Words through storytelling, coloring pages, and my Sing Along Song DVD with highlighted text and lyrics.

Sight Words are commonly used words in the English language that young readers need to memorize because they do not follow the phonetic pattern for pronunciation when broken down by their letter sounds.

Milt has Success with Autistic Children (read more)

PRESS RELEASE - March 28, 2014

Download and Color with Milt


Autism Speaks: Video Tools

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